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"All Saints" Church

The stone church "All Sanints" is located in the village of Golyama Zhelyazna, 32 km. away from the municipal center Troyan. The temple was consecrated in 1858 on the holiday of  All Saints.

The master builder of the building is Docho Tsonev from Sopot and the iconostasis is painted by the Troyan painter Pencho h. Naydenov, (part of the icons were painted about 1860). The stone-plastic decoration of the church is interesting with its figures of pigeons, snakes, mask of a man, which are distinguished by clear sculpture of the images.

 It is possible to assume that the iconostasis of the church is the oldest monument of the church carving in the Troyan region.

The church can be visited after a request to the the village's authorities – phone +359 6957/22 66

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