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“Sopot” dam is located in the village of Golyama Zhelyazna, 4 km. from the village of Lesidren and about 30 km. northwest of Troyan. It is the fourth largest in Bulgaria (length 7 km, width 2 km, depth 28 m). Its main tributary is the Kalnik River. The dam is a great place for relaxation, beach and water sports. Also, there are excellent camping facilities. Nearby is the cave "Toplya",…
The waterfall “Brambar skok” was registered as a natural landmark in 1965. It is situated on the Popishka River, very close to the town of Troyan, about 700 m the north from the railway station.
It is located in the territory of Troyan and is a mixed beech-hornbeam 80-year-old forest in good condition. Here is the place of worship and the monument of the famous partisan Toncho Staevski.
It is located in the territory of the town of Troyan. Here is the restored hiding place of a group of partisans ("Walter").
It is located in the village of Kaleytsa. There is a preserved and restored partisan dugger.
It is located in the village of Chiflik. Here is the place were the rebelion for national liberation Todor Kableshkov and two of his fellows were killed during the April Uprising.
The tree is named after the Russian General Pavel Kartsov,who led the capture of the Troyan Pass during the War for Liberation. It is located in the "Beklemeto" area. According to the local legend, the traces of a Cossack officer's sword are still visible on the tree.
“Markova dupka” or “Crali markova dupka“ is a stone bridge with height of 28 m., located in the southern part of “Steneto” biospheric reserve. The unique rock bridge Krali Markova Hole is a cave in its last stage of its development when most of its limestone walls have been aeolated and “dissolved” in the water and such it became a passage cave, e.g. - rock bridge. In the words of…
The vertical “Pticha Dupka” cave is situated in the Eastern part of the Troyan Balkan. The total length of the cave is 652 m and its depth is 108 m. The entry into the exceptionally beautiful cave requires special skills and equipment, so it is not recommended to be done by unprepared speleologists. There is also a risk of losing in the forest when searching for the entrance. Its location…
The precipice Raychova Dupka cave is located in the Eastern section of the Troyan Balkan in the Steneto Reserve, along the upper stream of Malak Chaushov Dol creek as the altitude of its entry is 1400 m. The first attempt to penetrate to its bottom was made in 1971 by Troyan cave divers and during the years to follow researchers from different clubs discovered new and new galleries. This cave…
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