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"Ascension of Christ" Church – the village of Shipkovo

The “Ascension of Christ” Church is located in the center of the beautiful mountain village of Shipkovo. At first sight, the modest appearance of the church, consecrated  in 1858, does not impress the visitors, but the interior preserves authentic iconostasis and icons. The carvings in the temple were made by local masters - Docho Markov and Docho Angelov-Marangoza. The icons are painted by Tryavna craftsmen and by the painter from Troyan Pencho h. Naydenov.

The place where the church was built was donated by the local wealthy men.The church is without cupola, a cross on the roof and a bell tower, (in compliance with the sultan's building permit),  which explains  the modest façade. The residents of Shipkovo, Terziysko and the surrounding villages involved in the construction of the stone church.

A turning point in the history of the church was the Turkish attack on 14th of October, 1877, which is known in the local history as "The Black Petkovden". Dozens of houses and farm buildings set on fire, many men, women, and children, gathered in the church to celebrate the anniversary of the temple, were killed.

The temple celebrates its feast on the 40th day after the Resurrection - always on Thursday. The church is declared a monument of culture of local importance.

The church can be visited after a request to the authorities of Shipkovo – phone +359 6966/24 30.

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