Steneto is established as a nature reserve in 1979. Over the years it has changed its borders, currently occupying an area of 3 578 ha. and is one of the largest in the National Park. It is included in the World Biosphere Reserve Network under the UNESCO Program "Man and Biosphere". The reserve covers the entire upper reaches of the Cherni Osam River and the Kumanitsa River and preserves the…
”Kozya stena“ is the smallest reserve in the National Park, with a total area of 904 ha. It is established in 1987 with the aim to preserve the natural habitation of the endemic edelweiss, the venerable beech, oak and fir woods. It lies within the Troyan Municipality, on the village of Chiflik’s lands lying on a steep, barely accessible mountain slope. There are two main rivers – Kamacharska and Rogachevaand…

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