"Haydushka pesen" Chalet

The chalet is a complex of two-storey building with 38 places capacity and 16 double bungalows with total capacity of 70 places. There are tourist kitchen and canteen, but the bathrooms are outside the building. There are an asphalt road from the village of Chiflik (1.30 h. walk) to the chalet and a parking lot next to it.

Neighboring tourist objects: Kozya Stena peak (2.30 h.), kozya Stena Chalet (2.30 h.), Eho chalet (4.30 h.), Troyan Pass (4.30 h.), Beklemeto area (4.30 h.). the trails are marked.

Contacts:  +359 884 60 03 10; +359 879 68 58 77.

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