"Kozya Stena" Chalet

“Kozya Stena” Chalet is in the Middle Stara Planina, in the Troyan part of National Park “Central Balkan”. Next to it is “Kozya Stena” Reserve and peak Kozya Stena (1670m) is about 1.30 hour walk from it. The chalet is at 1562 m. Altitude and is accessibly onlu by food. It is a solid building with a capacity of 92 places and shared bathroom on each of the three floors. The chalet is water-supplied, wired by aggregate, heated by firewood stoves. There is a tourist kitchen, too.

Neighboring tourist objects: Eho Chalet (2.00h.), Akademik shelter (2.30 h.), Haydushka pesen Chalet (3.00h.), Dermenkaya Chalet (4.40 h.), Vezhen Chalet (5.00 h.). The trails are marked.

Contacts: 0882 44 07 57; 0887 07 37 39 or web site: www.kozyastena.com

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