"Dermenkaya" Chalet

It is located in the same named area in the “Steneto” Reserve (at about 1500m altitude). The chalet is a solid three-storey building with a capacity of 110 places. It is  water-supplied, wired, locally heated. About 1/3 of the beds are in the hotel part of the chalet and have their own baths, the others, in the tourist area, are with shared bathrooms. Soups, salads, grill and beer are offered in the dining room.

The chalet is accessible during the whole year from Beklemeto. Neighboring tourist objects: Kozya Stena Chalet (5 h.), Orlovo gnezdo shelter (1.30 h.), Dobril chalet (3.00h.), Beklemeto area (3.00h.), Sopot town (4.00 h. With a chair lift to Nezabravka chalet)

Contacts on +359 888 88 20 00; +359 2 491 00 21;  +359 887 364 543

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