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St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas is a temple (small monastery), belonging to the Troyan monastery, located about a kilometer southeast of it, on the western slope of  Ivan Dahl peak (1046 m.) and a kilometer northeast of the village Cherni Osum, 10 km walk on an asphalt road southeast of Troyan and 30 minutes walk on a stony trail above the Troyan Monastery in Milencha neighbourhood.

It was founded in 1785 by the abbot of the Troyan Monastery Paisii and was rebuilt in its present form in 1812. During the period 1794-1869 there was the monastery school of the Troyan monastery. Actually, it is a complex of church, residential buildings, and a healing water spring.

The church was built in 1812, and the new residential buildings - between 1950 and 1960 by archimandrite Joseph Minkov. The sculpture had a remarkable fine carved iconostasis, made by masters from the Samokov carving school, and currently is kept in the Troyan Monastery.

In the monastery yard is the tomb of Haidut Velko from Shumen, who died of his wounds in 1848.

The temple is declared a monument of culture, but is currently not in good condition and is undergoing complete reconstruction.

However, climbing to it is a tourist attraction. To the temple leads a well-marked forest trail, with original signs and fun inscriptions on the stones. The surrounding area is also a great place for a picnic and a walk.

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