Pilgrimage/Religious tourism

"St. Archangel Michael" Church - Dalbok Dol village

The temple was built up after the Liberation, in 1882, by the architect Gencho Kanev. The church is built of stone and is covered with slabs. The iconostasis, which is without carvings, is painted by an unknown painter from Samokov. Naum and Nencho Ilievi decorated the gates dated back to 1888. The frieze of festive icons is the work of the Troyan master Pencho h. Naydenov - St. Iliyah, St. Petka, the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius.

At present, the temple is open only on big religious holidays. A visit can be organized by submitting a request to the local authorities on +359 6955/22 21.

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