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"Ascension of Christ" Church – the village of Kaleytsa

The “Ascension of Christ” Church (St. Spas) is located in the small Troyan village of Kaleytsa, only 7 km northwest of Troyan. It was built in 1859 and, like many churches from that period, was dug into the ground. In 1877, during the Russian-Turkish war, it set on fire, but after the restoration of the village it was repaired with donations by the locals residents.

The north and south doors of the altar, the backplate, the apostolic frieze, the cross and the wreath are made by a master from the Tryavna school.

The big icons in the church are not signed, but according to the legend they are painted by Naum from Kichevo. Others are painted by Pencho h. Naydenov, who worked on the painting of many churches in the region. In 2011, with donations of local companies and financial help from the state, the bell tower of the church was reconstructed.

At present, the temple is open only on significant religious holidays. A visit can be organized after request to the local authorities on +359 6967/23 20.

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