“Sunrise over the Balkan” (July morning)

In 2016 the municipal authorities of Troyan start up a new initiative - "July morning", and hope that it will  establish quickly as a tradition. The event begins  in the late afternoon of 30 June and continues until the early hours of 1 July.

"Sunrise over the Balkan" is an attempt to give a new look above the popular among the rock fans “July Mourning”. Up to this moment the celebration for meeting the first July morning was organized only in one place in Bulgaria - on the beach, at v. Kamen Bryag, near Kavarna. The event in Troyan  offers an interesting alternative for all the fans of the mountains and rock music who can not or do not want to go to the sea :)

The organizers promise one unforgettable experience to everyone who will meet the first July sun under the monument "Arch of Liberty" at the ridge of the Troyan Pass. In case of  bad weather, the program will take place at the foot of the nearby ski track. In both places there is  possibility for stretching tents.

Join one unique rock event in the heart of the Balkan!

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