Rock-academy, Troyan

The beginning of the Rock Academy was set up in 2013 when a group of local enthusiasts shared their intentions to create such an event with the leadership of the Municipality. Their idea has been received enthusiastically and since then, in  the beginning of the summer, fans of the rock enjoy concerts of some of the most popular rock and metal bands from the country and abroad. The contest for author's song and the beer fest are permanent components of the program from the first edition of the event.

During the years Vasko Krapkata, “Barabi Blus Bend”, the rock bands ‘’Spint”, ‘’Impuls” and ‘’Konkurent”, the rock legends from „B.T.R”, the Balkan metalists ,,Pero Deformero”(Serbia), etc. perform with concerts at the Rock-academy.

In 2016 the citizens and guests had the opportunity to hear the live performance of a world-famous star - Joe Lynn Turner (the former vocalist of ‘’Rainbow’’ and ‘’Deep Purple’’). In 2017 John Lawton (‘’Uriah Heep’’) was the guest star of the fest.

The thing which makes the Troyan rock-fest different from many other similar events in the country is the struggle of its organizers to offer something more than good concerts to the audience. Annually, the young musicians have the opportunity not only to participate in the contest for orinigal song and to enjoy the live rock concerts, but also to be trained at free drum, guitar and vocal workshops led by proffessional performers.

The success of the event due to the fact that it is realized thanks to the good partnership between the local authorities (which provide the main financial and logistic support for its realization), the boys from the local rock- band "Antidot" and a number of professionals from the music industry.

Of course, there are difficulties,  but the fact that the event attracts more and more audience and the increasing number of groups which participate  in the song contest, prove  that the Rock Academy is becoming one of the most important events in the cultural calendar of the Municipality.

You can find more information about the event and program for 2017 at:

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