Celebration of the mountain, herbs and tourism

Enyovden is an old Bulgarian holiday, which is celebrated on 24th of June each year. It is supposed that the root of the holiday lies in the Thracian tradition. On the same date the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church celebrates the day of Sts. John the Baptist and often the rituals and traditions of the two feasts interweave.

The holiday coincides with the summer solstice, so many of the customs are related with the sun cult. According to the popular beliefs from  this day the duration of the day begins to decrease, and the year comes to its end.

It is believed that on Enyovden the herbs have the most intensive healing action, especially at sunrise. The (number of the) herbs gathered for the winter must be "77 and a half" - for all the diseases and  for "the disease without name".

Also, there is a belief that in the night before Enyovden a blue flame rises from the earth and indicates the places where there is a buried treasure.

Annually, in the village of Balkanets, in "Aydusko sborishte", the holiday t is celebrated with a concert, performances of folklore dance formations and various competitions. The main organizer is the NGO " Council for tourism" - Troyan with the financial support of Troyan Municipality.

The main appeal from the organizers to the guests of the holiday is ‘’Let’s try together to change for better our attitude towards the nature’’.

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