Carnaval “Sirni zagovezni”

Every year the Troyan Community center “Nauka- 1870” organizes citywide carnaval celebration “Sirni Zagovezni in Troyan”. The guests can see an interesting restoration of the local custom and a festive program with folk artists.

Sirni zagovezni  (Syrian Sunday) is an important winter-spring holiday in the folk calendar. The holiday is celebrated seven weeks before Easter (always on Sunday) and  lasts for a week in which various rituals and customs are performed. This is the time of  the kukeri and the carnivals. Dairy and egg products are served at the festive table. Also, on Sunday the people light fires (bonfires) and after dying down jump over them for health.Then, people play traditional dance  horo around  them and sing songs.

The custom of  burning fires and turning  “uruglyuvitsi”  (torches of dried cherry wood, turned around the ritual fire) is still alive in Troyan, but is considered  as a curious attraction, released from the old ritual sense.

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