Blueberries Festival at “Ambaritsa” Chalet

Since 2014, in July, the unique Blueberries Festival is organized in the Troyan Balkan, on the meadow next to ‘’Ambaritsa” hut. Probably, this is the Bulgarian festival, held at highest altitude. Emiliya Gateva, the woman who maintains the chalet for several years, is at the heart of the event. Dozens of  visitors are also involved in the organizational work as volunteers.

The unique festival is inspired by one of the largest mountain ranges with blueberries, among which is located the chalet. Another important feature of the festival is that it combines successfully walk in the mountains with camping, outdoor fire and music, various entertainments.

During the short period of its existence, the festival boasts not only with a significant attendance, but also with a rich and varied program: Blueberries picking competitions, contest for the best blueberry recipe (each chef has to provide the needed products by himself), screenings of short and documentary films, live music, lectures and discussions on eco-themes, etc.

The visitors, who can’t reserve bed in the chalet, can stretch their tents at specially separated free areas near the hut.

The distance from the village of Cherni Osam to the hut takes about three or four hours walking on a marked trail. The village can be reached by car or by bus from Troyan (the bus departs in every hour on the working days and in two hours during the weekends). For those who have difficulties with the tracking usually there is transport with an off-road car, also starting from the village of Cherni Osam.

It's good to keep in mind a few things before starting your mountain trip:

  • Make Mountain Health Insurance - the way to the hut is long and difficult, the weather is unpredictable, and most of the time you are far away from any civilization.
  • Take some containers/vessels - traditionally, the usage of plastic products is not available at the festival in order to to keep the nature clean.
  • It is good to have any food supplies.
  • The chalet is part of the Central Balkan National Park and all the rules of the park are valid there - do not throw away any waste and do not burn fire outside the marked areas.

You can find more information for the festival on the FB page of the chalet or on  0887 89 56 62 (Emiliya Gateva).

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