The small village of Chiflik, located 14 km south-west of Troyan, at the source of Beli Osam river, quickly gets popularity as a balneological complex of national importance. Besides the opportunity for complete recreation amidst incredible nature and fresh air, Chiflik offers its visitors a chance to take the advantage of the healing power of several hot mineral springs, coming out from more than 1000 m depth, with temperatures reaching 55 ° С. Their water is low mineralized, similar to that of the mineral water in Gorna Banya, Bankya, Hissar, Momina Cheshma and Varshets. It is suitable for treatment of diseases of the locomotory system, allergic and endocrine diseases, as well as for disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Chiflik offers exceptionally good accommodation. Here are concentrated the premium class hotels in the municipality, as well as most of the guest houses. In addition to the public swimming pool with Olimpic size, there are thermal outdoor and indoor pools, belonging to the places of accommodation. Due to the high temperature of the water they can be used in all seasons, even in the winter, which guarantees the incredible experience of enjoying the beautiful snow peaks surrounding the village while relaxing in the warm pool.  Many of the hotels offer a variety of spa treatments.

The village is a starting point for some wonderful routes leading to the territory of the National Park “Central Balkan” and its adjacent reserve "Kozya stena" (one of the few places in Europe where edelweiss still grows).

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