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"St. Petka" Church – Borima village

The Church of St. Petka (1932) is situated in the village of Borima, famous for its picturesque nature and fresh air. It is built by the Troyans Ivan and Hristo Vlaevi and is a typical building with relatively large dimensions. The icons are made by different artists, among them a Russian, a resident of Tryavna, a Samokov painter, Totyu Slavkov, and others. Here is brought from the Troyan monastery and the icon "St. John the Baptist" painted by Zahari Zograf.

The village is 18 km northwest of the town of Troyan and 23 km southwest of the town of Lovech.

The temple can be visited after calling on Community Center "Napredak - 1908", Borima – phone +359 878 33 26 46.

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