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"St. Dimitar" Church – Village of Dobrodan

The village of Dobrodan is located ............ km.away from Troyan. The roads between  Danube and White Sea cross on its territory, which explains its long history, and the remains preserved from the Roman times. In the late 19th century, the village, populated both  by Christians and Muslims, built its church. Builder of the temple is master Denyo Denev from Tryavna, and the roof is made by local builders Atanas Raikovski and Ilia Kaleeshki. The temple has no narthex, it is replaced by a bell tower on two ladders crowned by a hexagonal dome. The big icons and the poster panels were painted by Racho Tiholov in 1900. The whole church "St. Dimitar" is painted in dove gray color.

Every year, on 26 th of October (Dimitroven), a fair is held and is served a liturgy.

The church can be visited after a request on +359 6968/22 68.

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