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Chapel "The Virgin Mary – Source of life" - Baba Stana, Oreshak village

The chapel is built with donations and among the main donors are John Brisbbi, a descendant of the famous Hadzhikalchovi  and his wife Clare. The land is donated by theTroyan Municipality to the Lovech Diocese. The architectural design was done by the famous architect Ivan Atanasov. The style is maintained in the spirit of our medieval Orthodox temples. The builders are from Kardzhali, and the icon-painter is Miroslav Valev from Troyan. The wooden altar is made and carved by the famous woodcarver from Oreshak Tsenka Sarmalieva.

The choice of the name "St. Virgin – Source of Life" is a sign of gratitude to the nearby Troyan monastery and the honor of miraculous healing. The temple holiday is on the first Friday after Easter. The temple was consecrated on 18th of August, 2007.

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