"Kozya stena" Reserve

”Kozya stena“ is the smallest reserve in the National Park, with a total area of  904 ha. It is established in 1987 with the aim to preserve the natural habitation of the endemic edelweiss, the venerable beech, oak and fir woods.

It lies within the Troyan Municipality, on the village of Chiflik’s lands lying on a steep, barely accessible mountain slope. There are two main rivers – Kamacharska and Rogachevaand a plenty of mountain springs.  Forests cover 63% of its territory.

Kozya Stena is a botanist’s paradise, home to over 40 species of rare, protected plants: Blagaev’s spurge, Rohel’s saxifrage, moonwort, Stara Planina asperule, mountain avens, and edelweiss, the white star of the mountain.

Nesting in the Reserve are some 60 species of birds—some listed in the Bulgarian Red Data Book: the large and small hawk, hobby, black woodpecker, and Ural owl.

The best time to visit the Reserve is in the summer when you can enjoy the entire beauty of the plant and animal world in the Reserve.

More information about the opportunities for tourism on the territory of the National Park, as well as a detailed list of permitted and forbidden activities on its territory, can be found at www.visitcentralenbalkan.com

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