"Toplya" cave

The "Toplya" cave is in the small village of Golyama Zhelyazna, which is located between the Teteven and Troyan municipalities. There is a scenic forest path suitable for a peaceful walk, leading to the cave.

The cave has an eastward direction and extends deep into the rocks. It has a wide beginning, which narrows towards the back end and ends with a low-tonic crack in the rock. It has three entrances (or three caves in one), the first one is a huge natural haze. From the natural "womb" coming out underground cold karst spring, which flows in Toplya river.

In the cave are found artifacts from the late Paleolithic (40 000-10 000 BC), which makes the village the most ancient inhabited place on the northern slopes of Balkan mountains.

"Toplya" is among the protected areas of the country. Visits are forbidden between June 1st and July 31st, the batch breeding period.

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