"Sopot" dam, Golyama Zhelyazna village

“Sopot” dam is located in the village of Golyama Zhelyazna, 4 km. from the village of Lesidren and about 30 km. northwest of Troyan. It is the fourth largest in Bulgaria (length 7 km, width 2 km, depth 28 m). Its main tributary is the Kalnik River.

The dam is a great place for relaxation, beach and water sports. Also, there are excellent camping facilities.

Nearby is the cave "Toplya", where are found artifacts from the end of the late Paleolithic and from the Iron Age (the visits are allowed from 1st of August to 31st of May).

You can reach to the dam by car or to use bus transport from Troyan to the center of the village and then to walk to the dam.


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