Museum of natural history – village of Cherni Osam

The Museum  of natural history in the village of Cherni Osam is very suitable for a family trip.  The visitors can explore not only the great diversity of the animal world but also the natural landmarks in the Balkan Mountains and the nearby Central Balkan National Park.

The beginning of the museum collection was set up in 1965 by the local biology teacher Iliya Iliev, who together with his students started collecting animal and plant species. Gradually, the collection, arranged in the corridors of the school, increased and in the spring of 1976 it was moved to a new building. From 1 January 1977 the collection became a branch of the Historical Museum in Lovech, and as a Museum of  Natural history it was separated in 1992.

On the two floors of the Museum are preserved more than 700 exhibits. Over 25 species of stuffed mammals are displayed, and the walk among them is sounded by records of animal voices. On the second floor, on the colorful diorama displays with large photos is shown the environment in which the mammals live - boars, wolves, jackals, wild cats, deers, roedeers, etc.

In the glass show cases there are 11 species of fish from the Cherni Osam river ( also there are exhibits of extinct species). Visitors can also see another 12 species of amphibians and 15 species of reptiles, typical for the region of Central Stara Planina. There is also a collection of insects.

In the collection of the Museum for natural history there are also more than 120 species of birds living in the plain and water bassins and rapacious birds.

An Information Center of the “Central Balkan” National Park is housed in the Museum  of Natiural History since 2000.  The visitors can get information about the nature of the Park and the variety of species on its territory.  In the Information Center  are held  open-air classes for students by the employees of  “Central Balkan”  National Park and are organized eco events, etc.

In 2003 in the courtyard of the Museum is created the so called ,,Green classroom” under an "Outoors Nature Conservation Center" project. There are presented a bear’s lair, a wolf’s lair, a rock garden with mountain flowers and the circle of the substances in the nature. The Center presents a small part of the wildlife and is a great place for classes.

The village of Cherni Osam is located in North Bulgaria, 12 km southeast from  Troyan and very closely (only 2 km away) to the Troyan Monastery. Apart from visiting the Museum, which is part of  the 100 national tourist sites, the village offers the opportunity for practicing rural tourism and is the starting point for "Ambaritsa" chalet. Next to the Natural History Museum is situated the only school for mountain guides  in the country.

There is a small parking in front of the museum. Also, there are and platforms for people with disabilities.

Working hours - every day from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 am to 4 pm

Entrance fees: Adults -  3 BGN, students and pensioners – 2 BGN; for groups of over  20 people: Adults – 1.50 BGN, students and pensioners -1 BGN.

Contacts: +359 6962 2371 

More information about the museum's activities can be found at:

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