Mineral water feast

For a second year in the well-known spa village Shipkovo, the local people and tourists will have the opportunity to participate in the Mineral water feast, organized by the community center "Svetlina - 1902", and the village authorities.

The water in the resort is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, kidney inflammation; it also helps for problems with the locomotor and the peripheral nervous systems. In the program of the feast, expect performances of singing and dancing amateur groups.

The resort offers accommodation in a relaxing atmosphere in vacation homes, hotels and villas. There is a mineral water swimming-pool, some of the hotels are heated with mineral water, too.

For more information:

  • Town Hall of Shipkovo - 0885 88 03 48
  • Community center "Svetlina -1902" - 06966 24 30

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