Balkanche cross

In June or July at "Lakite" area in the village of Golyama Zhelyazna is held the traditional "Balkanche Cross" competition, which attracts the interest of  both spectators and participants. Usually, dozens of enthusiasts from Troyan and the nearby municipalities include in it. The only mandatory condition for participation is that the old Bulgarian motorbikes must be with their original engines.

The competition is held in three rounds - a mass start on a closed track and two rounds in which are evaluated the precision, speed and technique of the competitors. Between  the races usually there is a race with big cross bikes and ATVs.

The winners are awarded with cups, medals, diplomas and cash prizes. Traditionally, the oldest, the youngest, the most attractive and the most unsuccessful competitors,and also the owner of the most beautiful motorbike, (and from 2015 the fattest racer) get prizes.

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