Fesival of the crafts and arts with international participation

Annually, at the beginning of May, the National Exhibition of Arts and Crafts in the village of Oreshak hosts the International Festival of Crafts and Arts, which was held for the fourth time in 2016 after a long break of the tradition.

The aim of the festival is through the visual arts to pass a bridge between the past and the present, between the peculiarities and differences in the modern life of the different societies. It is also an event that enables craftsmen, art and business people to exchange ideas and good practices with partners from other countries.

Within three days the festival guests have the opportunity to experience the emotion of songs, dances, kitchens, crafts and fine and applied arts of countries such as Palestine, India, Poland, Indonesia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Algeria, Cuba, China and many others.

In practice, participation in the festival with its craft and art collections, presentations, photographic exhibitions, culinary demonstrations or commercial stands take countries from three continents. Traditionally, many of the ambassadors of the participating countries attend the event.

In the park of the National Exhibition are built tents for art workshops, in which masters of the typical for the Troyan end crafts demonstrate their skills.

Visitors have the opportunity not only to buy different souvenirs from the exhibition, but also to try to make them alone and  thus not only to take away the object, but also to keep the memory of one unique experience.

More information about the festival program can be found at www.fairoreshakbg.com or on +3596952/2816

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