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Information and Cultural Centre was created to serve the increasing number of tourists visiting Troyan and to meet the needs of the local community from another place for cultural events. The Center is created and maintained by the Municipality of Troyan.

The mission of the Information and Cultural Center (ICC) is to improve the relationship between the suppliers of cultural products and the beneficiaries of the tourist sector (tourists, hoteliers and restaurateurs).

In cooperation with department "Tourism" of the municipal administration, the emploees of ICC assist in the development of advertising materials for the region  and present Troyan Municipality at regional, national and international tourism fairs and exhibitions.

In Information and Cultural Centre, visitors can get information about the region of Troyan: accommodations, places to eat, places of interest, transport, a current list of events, tourist attractions, etc.

Besides providing tourist information, ICC has another one function, which is very important for the local community  - numerous cultural events, meetings between the municipal and state administration and the locals, business seminars, conferences and learnings are organized there. More than 70 different events are organized during the last year.

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