Western part of the Troyan Balkan Mountains

Starting point:  the tourist complex in the villag of Chiflik

From here you can go to Haydushka pesen chalet, Kozya stena chalet, Eho chalet,the Troyan pass, tourist complex Beklemeto

Rout 1: from Chiflik to Haydushka pesen chalet – 3.5 km on asphalt road (on food, with car or bicycle). From Haydushka pesen chalet to Kozya stena chalet – walking on a marked trail, 2.30 hours. The trail is with great displacement.

In the winter the trail passes through dangerous avalanche areas!

Rout 1.1: From Kozya stena chalet in west direction to Eho chalet – 2 hours on marked trail. The chalet is in “Kozya stena” Reserve, part of National Park “Central Balkan”, so you must keep to the marked trails!

Rout 1.2: from Kozya stena chalet in east direction to the Troyan pass – 2.30 hours walking on a marked trail (The winter trail is suitable only for  well-trained tourists!); Orlovo gnezdo shelter – 4 hours, Dermenkaya chalet - 5 hours (check the winter marks in foggy weather).


Starting point: tourist complex “Beklemeto” (the Troyan pass)

Rout 1: from tourist complex “Beklemeto” (Troyan pass) in west direction to Kozya stena Chalet – 3 hours (2.30 hours from the pass)

Rout 2: from tourist complex “Beklemeto” (Troyan pass) in east direction to Orlovo gnezdo shelter - 1.30 hours (1 hour from the pass), to Dermenkaya Chalet 2.30 hours ( 2 hours ftom the pass), to Dobrila Chalet – 5.30 hours ( 5 hours from the pass)


All routes require suitable equipment and mountain insurance. Pay attention to the weather conditions, the season, the daylight duration, and, of course, to your individual physical capabilities and these of the others if you are member of a tourist group.

Refer to a mountain guide if you do not know the area.

In case of problems, use national number 112.

Check in advance for current mountain information on the Mountain Rescue Service page (www.pps-bg.com)

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