Tourist eco trail

National Exhibition of arts and crafts, Oreshak – “Sadinata” area – Museum of natural history and School for mountain guides in Cherni Osam

The rout starts from the National exhibition of arts and crafts in the village of Oreshak, passes through the village zone and mixed beech forest and climb to the “Kleneto” area. An hour later we go out on an meadow with a wonderful view of the whole valley of Cherni Osam, ending south with the rising mountain range of the Balkan. Here we can see the highest peaks in the Balkan – Ambaritsa, Kupenat, Krasttsite, Zhaltets, Botev.

Then we can continue to the “Sadinata” area (860 m altitude), and the beautiful view of the valleys, century-old forests and small houses of Cherni Osam.

From this high place we walk down on a steep forest path to the village of Cherni Osam, hidden in the valley. After 3-4 hours in the courtyard of the School for mountain guides and the Museum of Natural History, our emotional excursion ends.

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