Archaeological sites

The ancient road “Via Traiana”, connecting Rome with the Eastern provinces of the Empire and the Middle East, passes through the territory of Troyan municipality. It is one of the longest and most well-researched Roman roads in Bulgaria. The first Roman road constructions on the already used Thracian roads dates back to the reign of Emperor Nero (69 AD), but the final route of the road is associated with the…
The fortress "Sostra" ("sostra" in ancient Greek means girdle, bandage, barrier) is the sixth road station along the Roman road" Via Trayana ", which connects the province of Lower Moesia with Thrace. It is situated south-east of village of Lomets, 12 km. north of the town of Troyan and 28 km. south of Lovech, in the valley of the Osam river. The Roman roadside station and fortress Sostra are situated…

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