National Exhibition of arts and crafts - Oreshak

The National Exhibition of Arts and Crafts - Oreshak is unique for the country. In its exhibition halls are displayed unique objects of the traditional crafts, made by leading masters from all the ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

The exhibition was found in 1971 and since then more than 40 years of tradition and modern art go hand by hand in it. The entire exhibition complex is located in a wonderful park of 50 acres. The exhibition has nine exhibition halls with a total exhibition area of 4200 sq. m.

In 2009 four of the exhibition halls (Ceramics, Weaving, Woodcarving and Applied Art of the Nations, as well as the entrance, the Bazaar and the administrative building of the exhibition) were completely reconstructed. Traditional local elements and materials were used in the renovation in order to preserve the characteristic architectural image of the buildings.

The National Exhibition is unique both with its exhibits and with the opportunity which gives to its visitors to participate in the making of handicrafts items. There is a demonstration area in each room, where every guest can not only see how are produced the different items, but also to try to touch the typical fot the region crafts  - pottery, woodcarving, pyrography and weaving.

Nowadays, the National Exhibition is a modern and functional European center of crafts, where the beauty of the national and world art is revealed through annual exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, etc.

The souvenirs and works of folk craftsmen can be bought at the exhibition's bazaar.

Together  with its everyday work on the functioning of NEAC as an exhibition area, the exhibition team organizes or participate as a co-organizer in several significant local events. Do not miss to visit some of them - Easter Bazaar, Festival of Crafts and Arts at the beginning of May, Traditional Crafts Fair on 15 August, Plum festival in September, etc.

Working hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Entrance fees: Adults - 4.00 BGN., Students and groups - 2.00 BGN., Children up to 7 years old and people with disabilities - free of charge, lecture - 10.00 BGN.

Contacts: +359 88 8008411 or +359 6952 2816; web site:

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