"Vasilyov" Chalet

It is located in the highest part of Vasilyovska mountain, south-east from Vasilyov peak (1490m). Tha chalet has a total capacity of 43 beds and is a complex of  two-storey building and three bungalows. It is wired and water-supplied, outdoor and indoor bathrooms,there are tourist kitchen, canteen, Tv and a small shop.

Neighboring tourist objects: Koman Chalet (2.00h.), Haydushka pesen Chalet (4.30 h.), Eho Chalet (5.50.h.),Kozya Stena Chalet (6.00 h.). The haiking trails are marked. Starting points to the chalet: Village of Shipkovo (2.00 h.), village of Ribaritsa (3.30 h.)

Contacts: 0885 29 35 22; 0885 57 56 26; 0885 51 16 36

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