"Ambaritsa" Chalet

It is located on the Northern slopes of Stara planina, in dalgi Dyal area, east from Momina mogila peak, at 1503 m altitude. The chalet is a complex of two buildings with capacity of 111 palces. There are rooms with 2, 3, 4, 5 or more beds. The chalet is wired and water supplied, heated by firewood stoves, tourist kitchen and canteen are available.

Starting points: Smesite area in the village of Cherni Osam (3.00 h.), Nezabravka Chalet (3.00 h. with chair lift from Sopot through Dobrila Chalet), town of Karlovo (3.00, through Hubavets Chalet), town of Sopot (6.15 h.). the trails are marked.

Neighboring tourist objects: Levski peak (2166 m) – 2.30 h., Golyam Kupen peak (2169 m) – 3.00 h., Markova dupka – 3.00 h., Dobrila Chalet (3.00h.), Dermenkaya Chalet (5.30 h.), Vasil Levski Chalet (4.30 h.), Hubavets Chalet (4.00 h.). Pleven Chalet (4.00h. through Kostenurkata peak), Yavorova laka Chalet (2.00h.)

Contacts - https://www.facebook.com/ambaritsa/about or on +359 2 491 0005; +359 88 789 5662

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