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Tourist complex “Beklemeto”

Beklemeto is the highest point (1590 m) of the pass Troyan – Karnare, which connects northern and southern Bulgaria. It is 20 km away from Troyan, about 175 km. from Sofia and 100 km. from Plovdiv.

The tourist complex “Beklemeto”, which is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Central Balkan National Park, is suitable for both summer and winter tourism. Numerous hotels and holiday homes offer wonderful conditions for vacation and recreation in the complex. Beklemeto is the starting point for hiking trails to "Kozya stena", "Dermenka", "Haidushka pesen", "Echo"  chalets and to Vezhen peak.

There are three tracks and a ski- lifts, as well as a topographic map for summer ski orienteering with a 120 km route. Also, there is and the best track for cross-country skiing and biathlon in Bulgaria.

Near the tourist complex, there are remains of the ancient Roman road “Via Trayana”. Part of its defense facilities were the Ad Raditses roadside station (to the north of the pass) ,  the Sub Raditses (to the south) and also the Montemno (Monte Aemo), whose foundations are still visible. The route is part of the road Eskus - Philippopolis, which connected  the provinces Lower Moesia and Thrace.

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