Exhibitions in the Museum of traditional/folk crafts and applied arts

On 12th of December, traditionally we will honor the patron saint of craftsmen - St. Spyridon. This year, for the holiday in the Museum of Crafts the residents and the visitors of Troyan will be able to touch to the mastery of the Shumen goldsmiths through the exhibition "From their deft fingers" - a collection of filigree of the Regional History Museum - Shumen.
On 14th of October, 2017 the Museum of Crafts will present an exhibition devoted to the Troyan end and its cultural and spiritual wealth. On the day when we honor the patron of Troyan – St. Petka the exhibition of a collection of icons owned by the Museum will be opened.
On 16th of May, 2017, the Museum of Crafts will participate again in the European initiative "Night of the Museums" with a guest exhibition of the Regional Museum of History - Vidin "Ornamented felt carpets from Vidin". It presents typical textiles for the region. The technique of weaving the carpets will be demonstrated in front of the Troyan audience.
On 3th of March 2017 the Municipality of Troyan, the Museum of Crafts and the Union of Collectors in Bulgaria presented a remarkable exhibition - "Bulgarian goldsmith art XVII - XIX century". The ethnographic collection, owned by Mr. Antonio Vassilev, includes objects that preserved the material wealth of the Bulgarian people - women's and men's jewelery: bracelets, earrings, belts and many others. The exhibits from the collection present the development of the folk crafts during the Revival.

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